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Consultor médico en línea

The hospital in the palm of your hand

Because the way of doing things has changed, we put at your disposalassumption. A different way of doing medicine: more accessible, sustainable and close, but with all the quality guarantees of a large hospital. AsunciON puts the hospital in the palm of your hand


Discover a new way of doing medicine.

Consultor médico en línea
legit health medical device

Skin telediagnosis

Thanks to the collaboration with the start up Legit Health, we offer you the possibility of quickly, safely and reliably ruling out that this mole or rash is a symptom of a serious pathology that must be treated by a specialist.


Likewise, if the app detects a diagnosis that requires treatment, we offer you an online appointment with our specialists, who will be able to confirm the diagnosis, prescribe the most appropriate treatment and monitor it. Easy, safe and fast.


Your health and that of yours, in one click.


Thanks to our telerehabilitation platform developed by the start-up TRAK, users can carry out the treatments prescribed and controlled by our physiotherapists, without the need for uncomfortable and expensive devices and with the security that the platform makes the corrections in situ, while at the same time encourages them in their progress.


The treatments include an initial consultation with the physiotherapist - which can be online or in person - and depending on the user's pathology, he or she will prescribe an exercise program that the patient can do wherever and whenever they want, in a simple way and without the need for purchase any extra device.

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Consultor médico en línea

The doctor, at home

Anyone, anywhere in the world can book an appointment with our specialists without having to download an app, sign up for a medical service or pay monthly fees. All you need is a mobile phone or a computer with a built-in camera and users will have a wide portfolio of top-level professionals at their disposal.

You can also manage your appointments in person or by telephone, without the need for intermediaries or waiting.

Make your appointment

Access to Clinical History

Access your medical history, test results and medical reports and book your appointments with our specialists: without waiting or intermediaries.

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