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Access all our services for less than you imagine

Access all the services of Grupo Asunción for a monthly fee. No waiting lists, no surprises, comprehensive health care for less than you imagine.

At Grupo Asunción we know how to take care of people and that is what we have been doing for more than 60 years. For this we put at your disposal a complete network of outpatient centers throughout Gipuzkoa, a multispecialty hospital with capacity for 120 beds, a wide portfolio of healthcare services, multidisciplinary units and, of course, the best human team.


Comprehensive Assumption:

Thanks to the Asunción Integral plan, for a fee of € 50 per month you will have at your disposal all the central, medical and surgical services of the Asunción Group *:

  • No waiting lists

  • No surprises

  • No additional charges

  • Without intermediaries


Equal Asunción Integral gives you access to:

  • Outpatient consultations of all our specialties , in any of our centers

  • Surgical processes and hospitalization


* Home Assistance is excluded. Patients from the Tolosaldea area cannot access this equal either because they are included in the Concert with the department. of the Basque Government.



943 697000

Our Patient Attention service will solve your doubts. Get in touch with us and we will design a plan for you.


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