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At Asunción Klinika we declare our commitment to establishing and developing policies that integrate real and effective equality between women and men and attention to diversity, without any type of discrimination, as well as promoting and driving measures to achieve real equality in the heart of our organisation, this being a strategic principal of our management. 

We adopt the principle of equality between women and men in each and every field in which we carry out our activity, both at an internal level and in the health services we provide, and we are committed to: 

  • Guaranteeing equal treatment and opportunities between the women and men who work at the Clinic, in terms of accessing employment, training, promotion and professional development, salary, participation and work conditions 

  • Promoting the work-life balance of people who make up the workforce, encouraging joint responsibility. 

  • Achieving an efficient, safe and respectful work environment, establishing prevention measures and acting efficiently towards any conduct that constitutes sexual harassment or harassment based on sex, which will not be permitted or tolerated in our Organisation. 

  • Developing internal knowledge about the equality of women and men and integrating the principle of equality into training activities. 

  • Considering equality and diversity in all of the Clinic’s policies: mainstreaming equality in healthcare, in patients and their families and in the promotion and prevention of the population’s health within our area of action. 

  • Including the perspective of gender in research/innovation projects that we carry out. → Use non-sexist language and images, both in our internal and external communications. Be an organisation which drives equality in our social environment, promoting actions that contribute to creating social changes in this sense.  

The principles announced will be put into practice through the implementation of Equality Plans, mediating the corresponding monitoring systems with the purpose of advancing in achieving the real and effective equality of women and men from the Organisation, in the population served and in the whole of society. 

To manage the Equality Plan we have created the Equality Commission, made up of professionals, who constitute a faithful reflection of the structure of our organisation. We will also encourage the participation of all people who make up the workforce.


Management personally take on the leadership, assigning the resources necessary to carry out the equality plans and leading and communicating the actions. 


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