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Telerehabilitation for post-COVID patients


Asunción Klinika and the Gipuzkoan start-up TRAK have teamed up to develop a telerehabilitation project for post-COVID patients that has been selected by the European Union's COVID-X program , which grants aid for the development of technological solutions to the challenges presented by COVID in the health field. The project is one of the thirteen selected from among the almost 80 that were presented to the program.  

The project developed by TRAK and Asunción Klinika aims to solve some of the challenges that the pandemic has posed in terms of physical rehabilitation:

  • For patients with musculoskeletal pathologies, reduce the need to travel to the rehabilitation gym without compromising the quality of care

  • Offer specific telerehabilitation for post-COVID patients . 70% of COVID patients suffer from muscular and respiratory sequelae that require therapeutic rehabilitation.  

TRAK provides the project with the technological tool, a telerehabilitation platform, unique in the market, which allows the monitoring of patients with musculoskeletal pathologies through Artificial Intelligence . Asunción Klinika, on the other hand, provides the clinical vision. Thus, in the coming months, a test will be carried out with post-COVID patients from the center, who will carry out a complete telerehabilitation program scheduled and controlled by their Rehabilitation team, from their homes and without having to go to the gym.  

The COVID-X program is funded by the European Commission, within the framework of Horizon 2020, and aims to accelerate market access to solutions that provide health systems with technological tools with which to face the consequences of the coronavirus.  

What is TRAK?  

TRAK is a telerehabilitation platform that, through artificial intelligence, offers physiotherapists a tool so they can prescribe therapeutic exercise in a more agile way and, above all, gives the patient a way to exercise and do the exercises that suit him. send your physiotherapist, in a correct and controlled manner. TRAK's machine vision system allows the platform to 'think' and be able to tell the patient if they are doing the exercise right or wrong. TRAK is a tool to complement and improve the work of the physiotherapist, acting as a bridge between him and the patient. The professional can know at all times what state the patient is in and if he is exercising well.

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