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Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. It hides behind 30% of heart conditions and is the leading cause of cancer (and death from cancer). In addition, it has been shown that smoking increases both the risk of and the duration of work absenteeism. To fight against this consequence, we provide you with a personalised stop smoking plan which has been proven to be effective.

The Stop Smoking Unit at Asunción Klinika is coordinated by Doctor María del Mar del Castillo, Expert and Master in Tobacco use from the University of Cantabria. 


Unlike other similar therapies, at Asunción Klinika's Stop Smoking Unit we help people who want to stop smoking to approach their addiction individually, combining therapy and psychosocial and personal monitoring with pharmacological support.  

 The therapy has three phases: 

  • Preparation phase: In this phase an assessment of the smoker is carried out. Finding out how and where this person is, why they smoke, what degree of motivation they have, what are the added problems... And depending on this, the time to stop smoking is defined. 

  • Abstinence phase:  Once the assessment has taken place, the treatment strategy is planned, which will consist of helping the smoker to stop smoking and maintain abstinence. There we can use different methods, pharmacological and non-pharmacological, and psychological support with different techniques. During this phase the patient is offered psychological or pharmacological support, depending on their needs.

  • Maintenance phase: to prevent relapses

The Stop Smoking therapy is made up of various appointments to support the patient at the different times of the process of quitting smoking. During this, spirometries, CO measurements or regular weight controls will be carried out, all with the aim of monitoring the person in depth until they reach the objective of stopping smoking definitively. 



It improves your ability to perceive smells and tastes. Breathing is easier. It increases energy. 

3-9 months

The problems of coughing, snoring and breathing difficulties improve. Pulmonary function improves more than 10%. 

1 year

The risk of coronary heart disease halves compared to those who continue smoking

10 years

The risk of lung cancer halves compared to those who continue smoking. The risk of cardiovascular disease is similar to those who have never smoked

15 years

The risk of strokes is similar to any person who has never smoked

“You need to look for reasons why it is worth living without tobacco”  

Mª del Mar del Castillo

Dr. Mº del Mar del Castillo is a graduate in Medicine from the University of the Basque Country and certified in Clinical and Professional Immuno Allergology from the University of Paris. 

In addition, she has an Expert and Master degree in Tobacco use from the University of Cantabria.


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