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Serving Gipuzkoa

At Asunción Klinika we have a solid network of centres distributed throughout Gipuzkoa, which includes a hospital, three outpatient centres and a multi-specialist consulting room at the Arrasate Medical Centre (Donostia).

Exteriors 1.jpg

Phase one:

  • Installation of a new elevator at the main entrance

  • Kitchen and Cafeteria Remodeling and emergency systems

  • Security and accessibility

  • Modification of the elevator to access the Cafeteria.

Phase two:

  • Management and Administration

  • External Consultations

  • Emergencies

  • Laboratory

  • East Hospitalization Area

  • Pharmacy Expansion.

Phase three:

  • Operating rooms

  • ICU

  • UCSI

  • West hospitalization area



The result will be a completely accessible hospital , with a more rational and functional layout, which will allow us to improve patient care and the working conditions of the Clinic staff.

The new distribution and relocation of the Asunción Klinika facilities will mean an expansion of the meters dedicated to spaces such as the Operating Room and the Surgery Unit without Income. One more room will be added to the operating rooms and thanks to this remodeling, all the rooms will be more spacious and diaphanous and, of course, more technologically advanced. The new Surgery Without Income Unit, attached to the new operating rooms, is going to triple its capacity. The external consultation area will also be expanded and improved, which now has 15 rooms, which will go from the current floor 0 to the first.

Another service that will see its capacity increase is that of Pharmacy, whose warehouse will grow by more than a third , thus completing the remodeling carried out in 2015 and which involved the complete technification of the storage and distribution system for medication. Likewise, six isolation rooms will be created, with an adapted hall, for patients with infectious diseases or who require this type of care. The Emergencies and Laboratories will be moved to the central area of ​​the Clinic in the current area of ​​Outpatient Consultations, solving the circulation problems of currently existing patients.

Accessibility, functionality and Security

The commitment to accessibility and safety is one of the main lines that mark the remodeling works of the Asunción Klinika. We seek that all passage circuits are rational and 100% accessible and efficient, both for the patient and users, as well as for the staff.

The entrance hall will be larger and with better access and will also have a recreational-commercial area, where there will be sale of newspapers and gifts for patients. In addition, two more elevators will be added to the existing ones that will allow the Cafeteria, located on the ground floor of the center, to be connected with the rest of the facilities.

In the last 60 years, the configuration of the Clinic has been changing to adapt to the needs that have arisen. We have gone from being the small 40-bed gynecological clinic founded by Mr. Benito Izaguirre in 1957 to a hospital that must respond to the needs of a population of more than 63,000 people.

This has forced us to carry out numerous renovation and expansion works in recent decades, but none like this one. Now we want to give coherence to the whole and position ourselves not only in the aesthetic, accessibility, efficiency and safety requirements that the current moment requires, but in those that are to come. It can be said that we are working on a new leading Clinic for the next 25 years.




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