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An indicator of quality of hospital care, which can be used to judge the process of care, is the prevalence of hospital readmission because it reflects the impact of hospital care on the patient's condition after discharge. That is why one of the main objectives in the hospital environment is to measure the prevalence of hospital readmissions, identify possible factors that influence this readmission, and predict a possible readmission at the time of discharge, in order to prevent readmissions potentially avoidable.

The main objective of the REINGRES project is the development of a comprehensive system for healthcare professionals and healthcare managers. On the one hand, the system will allow the healthcare professional to have a general and agile vision for the follow-up of the patient with possible risk of readmission, with all the necessary information available in a comprehensive and visual way. On the other hand, REINGRES will help health managers to determine the causes of readmissions and the most vulnerable population, in a way that will help optimize resources.

Re-entry is a Hazitek project (File number: ZL-2020/00332), co-financed by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government and and the European Union, through the ERDF, within the framework of the Basque Country Operational Program ERDF 2014-2020.


  • Determine the prevalence of readmission in patients.

  • Analyze the possible relationship between different risk factors and readmission

  • Improve patient morbidity and mortality

  • Analyze the economic impact of readmission and economic improvement in the cost of care in our population

  • Establish, through current knowledge based on scientific evidence, correction methods so that it is possible to implement the necessary measures to avoid readmissions so that hospital discharges are optimally managed.


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