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We want to be better every day, that is why we are committed to the development, dissemination of all kinds of projects, research work and studies in the field of Medicine, Health and Social Sciences  


POSTCIG: Comprehensive complication prevention tool

The main objective of this project is to create a comprehensive platform for the
management of surgical interventions with the aim of reducing possible
post-surgical complications.

DISTRA: Prediction of future pathologies through  AI and Big Data

Implementation of tools based on artificial intelligence for the development of algorithms that define different trajectories of temporary diseases in order to predict future diseases.

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Aprendiendo a usar el teléfono inteligente

ORKESTA: A new model of care integrated into the home itself

Orkesta proposes a proactive system, which anticipates the appearance of possible problems, allowing the agents involved in the care of the elderly to carry out a more exhaustive monitoring of their health and psychosocial status

Research project and acquisition of scientific-technological infrastructures

The objective of this research project funded by the Basque Government is to implement post-COVID spaces to face the new challenges of health care in terms of patient and worker safety, as well as the personalization of care

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médicos modernos

INURGE: Comprehensive and Intelligent Management of emergency care processes

The main objective of the Hazitek INURGE project is to develop an intelligent comprehensive tool for optimizing the management of the emergency service, providing service not only to medical professionals, but also to patients directly.

REINGRES: Reduction of readmissions through AI

This project aims to reduce the readmission rate of patients and improve hospital care, through the development of a tool that, through artificial intelligence, makes it possible to predict the risk of readmission that a person has before hospital discharge


COVID-X: Telerehabilitation for post-COVID patients

Asunción Klinika and the Gipuzkoan start-up TRAK have joined forces to develop a telerehabilitation project for post-COVID patients that has been selected by the European Union's COVID-X program, which grants aid for the development of technological solutions to face the challenges that COVID presents in the healthcare field.

NUTRIGEP: Prevention of Malnutrition in Older Patients

Through different evaluation tools, this study seeks to know the current situation of Tolosaldea patients, identify risk situations and implement tools that allow us to identify malnutrition early and prevent its appearance.


SMARTHEALTH: Monitoring and Clinical Follow-up of Patients

Smarthealth is a technological development project developed by Asunción Klinika together with the Vicomtech-IK4 technological center and the Indian company Plenar Health, subsidized by the CDTI. The project is based on the monitoring by means of portable devices of patients during the postoperative period of knee prosthesis.

Doctor que usa la tableta digital
Escritorio del doctor

SEMANHIS: Semanticization of the Digital Medical Record

The Hazitek SemanHis project, led by Asunción Klinika and the Vicomtech technology center, seeks to transform current Electronic Medical Record systems from being mere data repositories to knowledge repositories. To this end, the creation of a Semantic Clinical History is proposed that allows the extraction of implicit knowledge in the history and its exploitation both for the clinical field and for hospital management.

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