We work so that our processes are eco-efficient and cause the least impact possible on the environment, with the aim of having a self-sustaining clinic in the not too distant future.


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Our work in this field is endorsed by achieving the Ekoscan certificate in 2012 that the Basque Government awards to companies who obtain results of environmental improvement and comply with current environmental legislation.


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In 2003 we began the Paperless Hospital project which involved the transfer of all medical records from paper to digital format. Currently, we are one of the few centres in the State that manages its care information digitally and we continue to make progress in the objective of minimising the use of paper in all of our centres.



In 2015, we set the objective of reducing CO2 emissions, and to do this we built a biomass facility.  It is a 500 kilowatt boiler that guarantees us the supply of sanitised hot water and heating and has enabled us to reduce the consumption of diesel oil to practically zero. Before the biomass boiler was installed, our consumption was 120,000 litres of diesel oil each year. In its place, now we are consuming around 200 tonnes of pellet each year. 



Our long term objective is to have fully self-sustaining facilities from a power point of view, with the aim of reaching a result of zero emissions. To do this we are going to develop a new strategic plan from an environmental viewpoint, and we will try to take a new step and obtain a more demanding certificate such as the EMAS.

Furthermore, the remodelling of the hospital is being carried out under the parameters of energetic efficiency. All of the lighting modifications or windows are being done like this, and in two or three years’ time we will see the results in terms of efficiency. In the kitchen we have modified the entire production system and reduced the consumption of oils by 80%. In addition, the new facilities are modern and they all come with pre-established efficiency settings.