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Ophthalmology is the medical specialism that studies diseases of the eyeball, ocular muscles, tear duct system, eyelids and their treatments. 

The services offered by Asuncion Group in this field include: cataract surgery, tear duct surgery, eyelid surgery, treatment for glaucoma and strabismus, outpatient surgery, computerised perimetry, angiography, campimetry and ocular biometry.



  • Consultations:

  • Testing

    • Computerised perimetry

    • Visual field campimetry

    • Ocular biometry

    • Corneal topography

    • Optical topography

    • Endothelial microscopy

    • Pachymetry

  • Inter-hospital Consultations

  • Local Surgery

  • Ophthalmological emergencies (during the day)

  • Surgery

    • Cataracts

    • Glaucoma