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Osasuna Kalean is the health outreach channel with which we want to empower patients and citizens in their health care, through talks and awareness and knowledge campaigns. The talks are also part of the Eskola Irekia program of Tolosas Council.

Latest talks

01/26. 18:00. Most common foot and lower limb injuries. Dr. Ezequiel Luege, coordinator of the foot and ankle unit. Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

02/23. 6:00 p.m. Persistent COVID: approach, treatment and reality. Dr. Jesús Pérez Sánchez, physician assigned to Internal Medicine. Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

MARCH: CYCLE: Prevention, detection and treatment of colorectal cancer: a matter of habityes 
(in collaboration with Against Cancer Gipuzkoa)

  • 16. 18:00. Workshop: Take carePatient ORstomizedeither. Headquarters of Against Cancer Gipuzkoa in Tolosa

  • 30. 18:00. gastronomic medical talk: The importance of prevention in colorectal cancer. Maite López, head ofthesurgery service. Casino of Toulouse


04/26. 18:00. Shoulder pathologies.Dr. Federico Alfano, head of the Shoulder Unit. Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

06/15 · 6:00pm. Cuando el Hospital está en Casa. Servicio de Hospitalización a Domicilio. Tinglado (Zerkausi, 1, Tolosa)​

07/13 · 6:00pm. Tratamiento del Dolor Crónico en una Unidad del Dolor. Catherine Triana, coordinadora de la Unidad del Dolor. Tinglado (Zerkausi, 1, Tolosa)

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