Osasuna Kalean is the health outreach channel with which we want to empower patients and citizens in their health care, through talks and awareness and knowledge campaigns.

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03/31.   18:00h.  Laser Treatment of Urological Pathologies . Dr. Sandro Saldari, head of the Urology service . Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

04/28. 6:00 p.m. Rheumatic Hand Relief . Dr. Javier Corredor, specialist in Hand Surgery . Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

05/26. 18:00h.  Advances in Cataract Treatment . Dr. Giacomo de Benedetti, head of the Ophthalmology service . Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

06/16. 18:00h.  Skin Cancer: Prevention, Detection and Treatment . Drs. Maite López and Salud García, General Surgery service . Shed (Zerkausi, 9, Tolosa)

07/14. 18:00h.  Lumbalgias and Cervicalgias: Prevention and Treatment . Dr. Francisco Fasano, Spine surgeon  (Zerkausi, 9, Tolosa)

09/29. 18:00h.  How to Have a Healthy Heart: Prevention of Cardiovascular Risks. Dr. Astrid Mon, head of the Internal Medicine service . Shed (Euskal Herria, 1, Tolosa)

10/26. 18:00h.  Runners: Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries. Dr. Víctor Rodríguez, head of the Traumatology service . Topic (Euskal Herria, 1, Tolosa)

12/01. 18:00h. Steps for a Sustainable and Healthy Nutrition. Ariane Núñez, nutricionist Topic (Euskal Herria, 1, Tolosa)

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