Osasuna Kalean is the health outreach channel with which we want to empower patients and citizens in their health care, through talks and awareness and knowledge campaigns. We want to continue disseminating useful information to the population, guaranteeing all possible security measures at least until the end of the year. For this reason, we have decided to continue with these talks online, a system that we use up to two times in the first phase of the pandemic, under the name Osasuna Etxean.

Latest talks

03/31. 6 pm. Laser Treatment of Urological Pathologies . Dr. Sandro Saldari, head of the Urology service . Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

04/28. 6 pm. Rheumatic Hand Relief . Dr. Javier Corredor, specialist in Hand Surgery . Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

05/26. 6 pm. Advances in Cataract Treatment . Dr. Giacomo de Benedeti, head of the Ophthalmology service . Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

06/16. 6 pm. How to Run Healthy . Dr. Víctor Rodríguez, head of the Traumatology service . Shed (Zerkausi, 9, Tolosa)

07/14. 6 pm. Lumbalgias and Cervicalgias: Prevention and Treatment . Dr. Francisco Fasano, Spine surgeon  (Zerkausi, 9, Tolosa)

09/29. 6 pm. How to Have a Healthy Heart: Prevention of Cardiovascular Risks. Dr. Astrid Mon, head of the Internal Medicine service . Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

10/27. 6 pm. Osteomized Patient Care. Dr. Maite López, head of the General Surgery service . Topic (Basque Country, 1, Tolosa)

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