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Asuncion Klinika Exteriors


We are a private entity that provides comprehensive healthcare to the publicly insured population of Tolosaldea and to private patients , preferably from the territory of Gipuzkoa, with optimal levels of quality, efficiency and  safety in all our actions and all our centers, within a healthcare environment that respects the environment, and supports our staff and our social environment.


We want to be an excellent, competitive, efficient healthcare company at the forefront of new health technologies , giving the best response to the Department of Health in the area of Tolosaldea and being a relevant player in private medicine in Gipuzkoa, always taking care of our staff. stop attracting and retaining talent and promoting a positive social impact throughout our area of influence.


  • Commitment to the patient: We are a hospital centered on the person, accessible, with a spirit of ethics, service and continuous improvement.

  • Commitment to our staff : We want our professionals to work in a climate of trust, team and knowledge development to give the best of themselves.

  • Commitment to our environment: As the 1st company that generates employment in the region and a reference hospital in the area, we recognize ourselves as a highly important actor in our closest community, Tolosaldea, and in society in general.

  • Commitment to the environment: We work so that our processes are eco-efficient and cause the least possible impact on the environment. To prove it, we will obtain objective external recognition of legal compliance and environmental management

  • Commitment to innovation: We are committed to innovative solutions to daily needs, to information technology and to the permanent updating of facilities and processes.

  • Commitment to equality: We believe that equal opportunities and rights for all people must be a reality to which we actively contribute.

  • Commitment to management and quality: We define all our processes in a permanent management of continuous improvement, whose endorsement we obtain in the recognition of the Basque Government and in external third-party certifications, in particular of international ISO standards.

  • Commitment to transparency: We communicate and publish our data and we have communication and management tools for all interested parties to access the information that affects them.

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