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At Asunción Klinika we know how to look after people and this is what we have been doing for more than 60 years. To do this, we make various outpatient centres available to you distributed around Gipuzkoa, a multi-specialism hospital with capacity for 120 beds, a large portfolio of care services, multidisciplinary units and, of course, the best human team.

Centro Medico Belate

Asunción Klinika is a private care complex which carries out its work in Gipuzkoa and has a multi-specialism hospital, and various outpatient centres distributed around the province’s different towns.

At Asunción Klinika we have more than 350 members of staff, including specialist doctors, other medical practitioners, nurses, clinical assistants, health technicians and general services staff, being the company with the largest number of workers in the Tolosaldea region.  

All of our processes meet the strictest quality standards and this is shown by all of the quality certificates we have, such as ISO 9001, that we renew regularly; the SEP (Excellent Private Healthcare); and Confianza (Trust) that endorses our efforts to take care of patient safety.  In addition, since 2012 we have held the EKOSCAN certificate which certifies that we are eco-efficient.

exterior Asuncion Klinika

Asuncion Klinika

A small great hospital with the best team in the heart of Gipuzkoa

Centro Medico Andoain

Outpatient centres

From Goierri to Bidasoa, we bring you our services.


Providing services to Tolosaldea since 1967


We cover a population of more than 63,000 people


1 hospital, 4 outpatient centres and two units in Donostia (San Sebastian)


Creators of innovation for the management of medical records


Capacity for 120 beds and the latest technologies


More than 300 professionals serving the health of Gipuzkoa


All of the specialisms of a large hospital

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