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Medical operational CT scanner

Radiology is the medical specialism that deals with generating pictures of the inside of the body using different physical agents (X rays, ultrasound magnetic fields, etc.) and using these pictures for the diagnosis and, to a lesser extent, for the prognosis and treatment of diseases.

Asunción Klinika's radiologists have the most advanced means in order to do this, such as MRI, CT, mammography, phlebography, panoramic radiograph or DEXA scans, among others.



  • Conventional Radiology

  • Digestive Radiology

  • Urological Radiology

  • Gynaecological Radiology

  • Ultrasound scans

    • Breast

    • Abdominal

    • Soft Tissue

    • Lower Limb Veins

    • Arterial Doppler 

    • Ultrasound-guided punctures

  • Mammogram

  • Orthopantography

  • Magnetic Resonance (MRI)

    • General

    • Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography

    • Angioresonance

  • CAT

    • General

    • DEXA (Bone density scan)

    • Interventionism

      • Guided cytology

      • Guided biopsy

      • Drainage of abscesses

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