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The Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit of Asunción Klinika is a multidisciplinary service, which includes specialists in pulmonology and rehabilitation, which is in charge of working on the global re-education of patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, especially patients with COPD (Pulmonary Disease Chronic Obstruction),

How does the Asunción Klinika Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit work?

The Asunción Klinika Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit is made up of a multidisciplinary team made up of the pulmonologist Itxaso Sayago, the rehabilitation physician Laida Artola , and a team of physiotherapists and nurses with specific training. ,


Treatment is personalized because not all patients present the same pathology or the same clinical repercussions. For this reason, in advance, an evaluation of each patient is carried out, including the degree of bronchial obstruction through spirometry, their exercise capacity through a stress test and a walk test, and their quality of life through quality tests. Taking these parameters into account, the individualized program is applied.


The importance of exercise:

The differential element of the Asunción Klinika Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit resides in the physical-aerobic factor. If traditional respiratory rehabilitation is based on improving lung function through mucociliary clearance techniques to improve lung function and decrease airway resistance, the Asunción Klinika Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit carries out a holistic approach to the patient, adding to the traditional techniques:

  • Physical exercise

  • Physiotherapy,

  • Nutritional intervention

  • Psychosocial support


How is our Respiratory Rehabilitation program developed?

The program has an average duration of 3 months, with 2 days a week, 1 hour per session

Throughout this time, the patient performs, always under the supervision of the physiotherapist and with a determined heart rate under his supervision, the following trainings:

  • Aerobic resistance of the lower body with bicycle.

  • Aerobic resistance of the upper body with hand ergometer.

  • Strength training using weights.

The Respiratory Rehabilitation program also includes:

  • Respiratory physiotherapy techniques such as abdominal and diaphragmatic ventilation and respiratory incentive devices

  • Respiratory incentive exercises type Oxygen dual, in case of respiratory muscle weakness

In addition, during the course of the program, patients are given a comprehensive guide to chronic respiratory diseases in order to empower the patient through a better understanding of their disease, treatment, and occupational therapy.


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Who is the Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit aimed at

The Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit of Asunción Klinika is mainly aimed at the following groups of patients:

  • Patients with Chronic Respiratory Failure, Chronic Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Emphysema Asthma with dyspnea (your feeling of suffocation) in their daily life.

  • Hypersecretory patients (a lot of phlegm or expectoration) with cystic fibrosis or bronchiectasis.

  • Patients with neuromuscular diseases and ineffective cough.

  • Patients with limiting chronic respiratory diseases, such as diffuse interstitial lung disease or pulmonary HTN.

  • Patients prior to thoracic surgery, such as removal of lung tumors, treatment of mediastinal pathologies or pneumothorax.

Although there are no age limitations or the level of severity of the ailment, there are some requirements to participate in the program:

  • clinical stability

  • that the patient is not a smoker or is included in a smoking cessation program

  • absence of associated diseases that interfere with rehabilitation.

Benefits of respiratory rehabilitation

  • Relief of symptoms of chronic lung diseases

  • Reduction in the number of bronchitic infections and, consequently, in the number of hospitalizations

  • Improved physical and emotional state

  • Improvement of the patient's social life

  • Decreased dyspnea (feeling of fatigue)

  • Increased effort capacity

  • And, in general, improvement of the overall health of the patient and their quality of life.


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