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Prueba de PCR

€ 35
(before € 45)

Covid test
Maximum sensitivity and reliability

If you want to rule out a possible COVID infection, confirm that you are not a symptomatic carrier of the virus, or know if you have had it in the past and have antibodies, we offer you the different COVID tests: PCR (with delivery of results on the same day) , antigens (results in 20 minutes) and serology (results in 24-48 hours).


Antigen Test

Antigens detect the virus with more than 90% effectiveness during the first 5 days of infection. It is designed for those people, asymptomatic or with mild symptoms lasting less than five days, who want to know their health status against COVID.

Differences between Covid-19 tests
At Asunción Klinika we offer you different tests to detect the virus.


20 minutes

Detect the presence of the virus the first five days of infection


The same day

Detect the presence of the virus throughout the infectious process


24 hours

Detects the presence of antibodies in the body

How is the test done?
In-office testing by naseopharyngeal extraction.
The result is obtained in 20 minutes and with a high level of sensitivity. You just have to make an appointment in any of our outpatient centers. Once the sample is taken, you can leave and you will receive an SMS with the result. It is not necessary to go on an empty stomach.

When is the result obtained?  

Via SMS in 20 minutes

What is the price of the antigen test?

OFFER : 30€

Centers in which antigens are made:

Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Andoain Medical Center

  • Belate Medical Center (Tolosa center)

  • Ordizia Medical Center

  • Hospital- Asuncion Klinika

  • Donostia (Arrasate Medical Center)

  • Zarautz


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How is PCR performed?
Sampling for the PCR test is done by appointment at any of our outpatient centers, during extraction hours (8 am-10am). The sampling is nasopharyngeal and it is not necessary to go on an empty stomach.

When is the PCR result obtained?
By email, on the same day

How much does PCR cost?
€ 95

Centers in which PCR are made:

Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 10:00am:

  • Centro Médico Andoain

  • Centro Médico Belate (Tolosa centro)

  • Centro Médico Ordizia

  • Hospital- Asunción Klinika

  • Donostia (Centro Médico Arrasate)


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In the event that you have been vaccinated and you want to know if you have already generated antibodies against the virus, we have a special serological test that allows us to detect the antibodies that react against protein S.


How is the serological test performed?

The test is done through a blood test. Sampling is done by appointment during extraction hours and the result is sent via SMS or email within 72 hours. .


What is the price of the serological test?

Post-infection serological test (anti-E antibodies): € 78 Post-vaccine serological test (anti-S antibodies): € 27

Centers in which serology is made:

Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 10:00am:

  • Centro Médico Andoain

  • Centro Médico Belate (Tolosa centro)

  • Centro Médico Ordizia

  • Hospital- Asunción Klinika


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Other COVID products


Know your health status and the possible sequelae or related diseases after passing COVID-19


We offer a 100% customizable service, from the number of guests and the location, to the time and advance with which to collect the samples.

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Advantages of doing it in Asunción Klinika


Experience and quality


Accompaniment at all times


Personalized valuation without waiting the same day

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