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Retrato de una niña en camiseta y pantalones cortos

Saldari, Sandro

Médico adscrito al servicio | Nº COLEGIADO: 200844985

  • What to do when you arrive at our centers for a consultation?
    When you arrive at any of our you must go to the reception desk, identify yourself and, if you have one, show the consultation sheet (flyer) given to you by your doctor. If you are a patient of Tolosaldea and you come through the Concert, you must bring the Osakidetza card with you. If you come through a mutual or insurer, you must show the corresponding card. If you are a private patient, your ID is enough. At the counter they will be in charge of informing you of all the details in relation to the consultation. Likewise, they will program and coordinate all the necessary tests and consultations.
  • How can I request an appointment?
    You can request your appointment by telephone, by calling the center you are most interested in attending, in person at any of our centers, or online, through our website. When you request your appointment you must provide your name, surnames, NIF, address. mobile phone and email. It is also important that you indicate whether the assistance will be at your expense -private patient-, at the expense of an insurance company or mutual, or if it will be through the Concert -Tolosaldea patients-.
  • Do I have to pay for assistance?
    If you are registered in the region of Tolosaldea, you can access most of the services offered at the Asunción Klinika, Andoain and Belate centers free of charge, thanks to the Agreement that makes us a regional hospital in the area. Otherwise, you or your insurance or mutual company will have to pay for the service. The Ordizia centers and the services of the Arrasate Medical Center are excluded from the Concert.
  • What services of Asunción Klinika are not included in the Concert?
    All the services offered at the Asunción Klinika, Belate Medical Center and Andoain Medical Center are included in the Agreement, except for the following specialties: - Psychiatry - Cosmetic surgery - Dentistry - Nutrition and Dietetics
  • What populations are included in the Concert with Osakidetza?
    By virtue of the Agreement signed with the dept. of Health of the Basque Government, by which Asunción Klinika acts as a regional hospital in the area, all people registered in the towns that make up the region of Tolosaldea can access the services of Asunción Klinika and the Belate centers (Tolosa) free of charge. and Andoain. The populations that are included in the concert are the following: - Albaltzisketa - Aduna - Albiztur - Joy - Alkiza - Altzo - Amezketa - Andoain - Anoeta - Asteasu - Baliarrain - Belauntza - Berastegi - Berrobi - Bidania-Goiatz - Elduain - Gaztelu - Hernialde - Ibarra - Ikaztegieta - Irura - Larraul - Leaburu Txarama - Lizartza - Orendain - Orexa - Toulouse - Villabona - Zizurkil
  • How to get to  Asunción Klinka?
    Car: thanks to the connection of the N1 with the Clinic, you can access the center more quickly and directly, avoiding having to go through the urban center of Tolosa Bus: Tolosa's urban bus runs every 30 minutes. Check the schedules here. Train: Cercanías Renfe – Irún/Brinkola line. Check the timetables here
  • What parking options are there at Asuncion Klinika?
    If you go by car to Asunción Klinika, you can leave it in the four-storey car park that we make available to our patients and employees. People with a disability have parking spaces adapted for them on each floor and, in addition, special rates.
  • How can I know in which room a relative or friend is admitted?
    The Data Protection Law prevents us from providing any information about patients admitted to the Clinic and that includes their room number. To find out the room number in which a patient is admitted, you will have to contact him/her or his/her companion and have him/her give you the information.
  • What payment options exist?
    If you have received medical assistance as a private patient, that is, you have not come through the Concert or through an insurance or mutual company, you can pay for the services received in two ways: In cash: Before the consultation or intervention you must be informed of its cost so that you can prepare the amount to pay By bank transfer: Administration will prepare an invoice that you must pay to the account number indicated By credit card
  • Do you want to book, cancel or modify an appointment?
    You can do so through this link, entering your ID and date of birth:
  • Do you need to book an appointment for a radiodiagnostic test?
    You can request your appointment for your radiodiagnostic test by emailing or by calling: 943697360

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