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Hands are a vital part of our connection to the world and others. They are an indispensable source of communication and information, as well as the quintessential tool to transform our reality. They convey feelings, ideas and sensations. They identify us. They place us in the world. The complexity of all the functions that they must perform is so wide that their functionality requires a sophisticated system of muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, joints, blood vessels and tendons. From the elbow to the tip of each finger, each time we perform a movement or an action that involves the hands, an amazing chain of biomechanical tasks is set in motion that has allowed us to get to where we are.


Due to its enormous importance and the complexity that its care and treatment requires, hand surgery requires specialists trained in the best and most advanced techniques. In Asunción Klinika we have Dr. Javier Corredor , a doctor assigned to the Traumatology service , who have been dedicated to this area for more than a decade, offering his patients the peace of mind of knowing that their hands are in the best hands.

Dr. Javier Corredor

Dr. Javier Corredor is a specialist in Reconstructive Surgery of the Hand and Upper Limb with a medical-surgical record at the Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar University Hospital (Venezuela). He is trained in microsurgical techniques and vascularized flaps. In addition, he has extensive experience in the field of research in the field of hand pathology. He has been specializing in the treatment of hand surgery for more than ten years, treating multiple cases with great success.


Hand Surgery is a subspecialty of Traumatology and Orthopedics that is responsible for the diagnosis-evaluation and treatment of pediatric and adult patients with upper limb pathologies. These pathologies can be of various types:

  • Traumatic:

    • Fractures and dislocations

    • Injuries with joint capsuloligamentary instabilities

    • Flexor-extensor tendon injuries

    • Micro-neurovascular lesions

    • Fingertip injuries (amputations-reimplants)

    • Carpal instabilities

    • Catastrophic upper limb

    • Compartment syndromes

    • SCDR

  • Tumoral

  • Degenerative (rheumatic):

    • Osteoarthritis (wrist-trapeziometacarpal)

    • Digital arthritis

    • RA (rheumatoid wrist)

    • Digital deformities in AR

      • Boutonniére - MCF

      • Rheumatoid thumb

    • Dupuytren contracture

    • Raynaud syndrome

    • Side elbow pain

  • Congenital: Malformations due to problems in development

    • Transverse defect: congenital amputations and phocomelias

    • Longitudinal defect: radial and ulnar club hand

    • Developmental issues at hand:

      • Aphalangia

      • Adactyly

      • Metacarpal hand

      • Carpal hand

      • Radio absence

    • Cleft hand

    • Hypoplasia - thumb aplasia

    • Syndactyly: fusion of two or more fingers

    • Synostosis:

      • Humerorradial

      • Radioulnar

      • CARPUS

      • 4th-5th GOAL

      • Syphalangia

    • Poland syndrome

    • Campodactyly:

      • Thumb in palm

      • Spring

      • Kirner's disease

      • Clinodactyly

    • By duplication:

      • Polydactyly

      • Triphalangeal thumb

    • Macrodactyly

    • Amniotic flanges

  • Infectious

  • Sequel upper limb dysfunctions

    • Brain diseases

    • Tetraplegia

    • Brachial plexus injuries

    • POPB

  • Compressive. Peripheral neurological paralysis:

    • Median, radial and ulnar nerve

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