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Your Health, in the Best Hands

At Asunción Klinika we have more than 300 members of staff, including specialist doctors, other medical practitioners, nurses, clinical assistants, health technicians and general services staff, being the company with the largest number of workers in the Tolosaldea region. 

At Asunción Klinika we have more than 300 members of staff, distributed as follows:

  • 18.5% Medical Staff

  • 34.4% Nursing Staff and Physiotherapists

  • 20.1% Clinical Assistants

  • 4.87% Porters

  • 9.41% Cleaning Staff

  • 1.2% Non-Care Technical Staff

  • 8.7% Administrative Staff

  • 2.6% Management

Women at Asunción Klinika

In terms of distribution between the sexes, at Asunción Klinika we are an extremely feminised company: 

  • 80% of our staff are women.

  • 70% of our Medical Staff are women.

  • Women represent 50% of our Management Committee

  • 50% of our middle managers (including Area Managers and Nursing Managers) are women

  • 76% of the union representation is made up of women

Equality Policies:

We have spent more than a decade actively working on this area, through the Equality Plan, which is the tool that enables us to identify what is happening in the organisation, what objectives are desirable (and feasible) and what measures we should take to reach them. In addition to the Plan, we have an Equality Commission, with an equal composition, which is the body in charge of ensuring that the actions of the plan are carried out correctly and identifying new challenges. 

Read more about our commitment to equality

Commitment to our Staff

We want our employees to carry out their work in a climate of trust which enables them to advance and give the best of themselves. To achieve this, we are committed to working on the following points:​

Work-life balance:

  • Intensive working days, reduced working hours and flexible work hours in all cases where this is possible



  • We have an annual training programme linked through the Training Commission and the Assumptio Proinnova Foundation.

  • We have an internal incentive and career plan focussed on rewarding staff who are committed to training and pursue a path of continuous improvement. ​


  • Through the Research Commission and the Assumptio Proinnova Foundation, we provide support for research work to be carried out.

  • Grants for the presentation of work at congresses

  • Incentives for carrying out doctoral thesis

Read more about our commitment to our Staff


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