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The Home Hospitalisation Unit at Asunción Klinika treats patients who, for therapeutic reasons, need to receive their health care in their home.  

Home Hospitalisation is an alternative care designed for those patients who, without requiring all of the infrastructure of a hospital, still need complex care that cannot be carried out by their primary care team. The medical care and nursing care is transferred to the patient’s home, thereby preventing hospitalisation. 

Home Hospitalisation is fundamentally focussed on four types of patients:

  • Those who suffer from acute infectious diseases and require long term intravenous therapy.

  • Generally multi-pathological chronic patients: chronically ill patients (suffering, for example, from cardiac failures, chronic bronchitis, cirrhosis, complicated diabetes..). 

  • Surgery patients who require post-operative care.

  • Terminally ill patients with palliative care.

Patients are cared for by medical and nursing professionals with specific training in this care modality, having access in their home to most of the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques provided in a hospital. 

How does the service work?

The Home Hospitalisation Unit team deal with the requests given to them each day, and determine with the doctor or requested service whether the patient is admitted to it.

 Care in the home hospitalisation service is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through the coordination of this unit with the Emergency services.  Each day, the team from the Home Hospitalisation Unit send Osakidetza the list of patients indicating the treatment they are following. If the patients have any problems between 20.00 and 8.00, they should contact 112 indicating that they are under the Home Hospitalisation programme.

Admittance to this new Unit is only possible with the prior consent of the patient and their family or carers. In addition, the conditions of the home must be suitable for the proper care of the patient’s illness and there must be a carer living with them at the home, at least during the time of the hospitalisation. 


The Home Hospitalisation Unit has the following human team:

  • Three physicians 

  • Three holders of the university diploma in nursing (DUE)

Operating range

Asunción Klinika's Home Hospitalisation Unit covers the area of Tolosaldea and Andoain, in accordance with the agreement with the Basque Government’s Department of Health. 



Head of Service



General Physician assigned to the service



General Physician assigned to the service


Garbiñe Garmendia

Family Medicine Specialist

Garbiñe Salgado

Family Medicine Specialist


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